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About Hidden Happiness Bee Farm

Our Background

Growing up, I was blessed to have an uncle who was a beekeeper. I can still recall going to his house each year to watch the bees during the honey flow, and him giving me a new quart of combed honey. From a very young age, bees have always fascinated me.

In my twenties, my uncle gave me my first hive of bees. I didn't quite yet know how to take care of God's creation, so like a lot of things that winter, those bees didn't make it through to the spring. Frustrated, I set my beekeeping hobby aside. The years quickly passed, when one day I was reading our local newspaper and I noticed that the local bee club was having a workshop. Reading about that workshop caused me to reflect on the relaxing, warm feelings I used to get from working with and being around bees. To make a long story short, I attended the workshop and from that point on my love and expanse for beekeeping grew into what is now Hidden Happiness Bee Farm. For me, as well as for many other folks that are introduced to bees, beekeeping is kind of like a tall glass of sweet tea over ice on a hot summer's day, after the first glass is down, you soon desire another one.

With over 30 years of experience in the wood industry as a professional woodworker in the cabinet, molding and construction business, I have had the pleasure of working with my hands to create products that both benefited and made others happy. While touring a bee shop back in 2014, one of my high school classmates said to me, "H, if I had your equipment and knowledge I would make my own wooden ware." Knowing all that I had learned through the years about the many properties of wood, it made a lot of sense for me to build my own hives and other wooden ware products. So I did, and Hidden Happiness Bee Farm was launched.

At Hidden Happiness Bee Farm, our experience and knowledge is continuously evolving in order to meet the new challenges facing the world of beekeeping. As we gain knowledge from our own bee management experience, we continue to focus on creating new products to help our customers be more successful beekeepers. Whether it's with our patent pending Original Wind Lock system for use on our maintenance free telescoping tops (or your existing tops), our innovative interior half-lap construction design which is carefully incorporated into each of our hive kits, our unique hive stands or our easy to use Happy Honey Bottler, we want to share our experience and products with you

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